Our Story

Stories - Nuts & Berries was founded by the wife-husband duo of Shriya and Akshat.

Over 3 generations of Akshat’s family has been involved in the processing of raisins. Using the family’s knack for dry fruits, Akshat’s experience in marketing and Shriya’s penchant for healthy eating, we set out to create a brand focused on making snacking healthy.

We at Stories- Nuts and Berries understand the importance of nutritional intake in our daily life. In this hustle-bustle of our life, we often forget to fill this nutritional gap that is made by our unhealthy food choices.

Nutritionists across the world vouch for nuts and seeds as a worthy addition to your daily diet. Well, so do we! We believe that a healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.

We know that for many of us munching on these nuts and seeds can be plain and boring. But what if, the same mundane munchies are coated with lots of love and just the right amount of flavours? That’s what we have set out to do.

Unarguably, we all deserve some Guilt-free and healthy indulgence! Don’t you agree? That’s how Stories- Nuts and Berries was born. We at Stories- Nuts and Berries are going strong with our passion to drive you nuts with the fierce combination of spices infused into berries, nuts, seeds, and snacks! We clearly understand that some healthy snacking that is equally nutritious and yummy to your tummy is quite inevitable.

We are proud to say that we have never compromised on quality and this is one of the reasons why our customers keep coming back to us. We only provide what we ourselves eat.